4 Places To Visit in

Zagreb, capital of Croatia . It became now an attractive city to many tourists. The increasing value currency makes her a cheap city in Europe, in addition of her virgin charming nature. Some tourists or backpacker travellers make Zagreb a stop to go over to another country, and spend a short time in it, but it shouldn’t neglect the important sight of the city. Here are some places I highly recommend to tourists to visit.

  • Museum of broken relation :-

This museum full of souvenir of the broken relations from the entire world, knowing the hidden story of Handcuff, Frisbee and hundreds like them, come from broken relationships, well take any one to very emotional journey .The museum  is opening from 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. in summer and in winter from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m..   

  • Plitvice National Park :-

This magnificent park is far from Zagreb 2.30 hours. The beautiful park became UNICO world heritage in 1979; it has 16 linked lacks, by series waterfalls, and mysterious caves, and ducks to swim in, this beautiful lacks can change their colors from turquoise to deep blue and grey in the shades. Anyone could enjoy himself through walking across lakes on the 18 km. wood bridge. In the park, the highest waterfall in Croatia Veliki Slap Waterfall highs 78 Meter, in Milanovac Lake, and in the night , you can stay in wooden hut with stone path , wow this very romantic .

  • Dolca Market  

Every Man needs food, you can buy fresh food. Vegetables, fruits, meets, cheese and many thing; like homemade foods, craft and book, you can buy it from this local market .His location between the old Zagreb and   Gradec and Kaptol every day expect Monday.

  • Lotrščak Tower.


Lotrščak Tower protect the Gradec city from the south in 13th century. The bell in that tower was ringing every day at night to warn the residents to come back to close the gate in the 19th century the fourth floor was added to the tower  .


All of sights of zerabe ; Lotrščak Tower, Plitvice National Park, Museum of broken relation have unique complex beauty, contain the mysterious of past ,  the beauty and technology of present and the vision of future .   


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